Assessment item 3 – Evaluative Report

How has a few months of tinkering with Twitter, dabbling with Delicious and fiddling with Facebook helped me to meet the learning objectives of the subject and helped my development … Continue reading

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The Authentic Web

Truth is so important, yet so vulnerable to being compromised especially in a virtual environment.  An absence of truth leads to misinformation and, if discovered, suspicion. The latest series of … Continue reading

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Privacy and trust 2.0

There is evidence to suggest that most reluctant users of the online community join out of peer pressure, a kind of social obligation that if you isolate yourself from you … Continue reading

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Policy concerns

The more I read about policy concerns it is clear just what a big issue it is and how much needs to be done to address it.    It is … Continue reading

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Shifting policy

The “Did You Know 4.0” video slideshow creatively explains many of the changes in how people now access information, and just how significant they are. The effect of the internet … Continue reading

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Reasons why libraries should be on social media

Now we’re going to have a look at some of the local libraries in my area.  It was reassuring to discover that all three major libraries have embraced social networking … Continue reading

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Let us not forget why we’re here

With all the technological revolutions taking place in Web 2.0 and their potential applications for libraries, the focus can be shifted away from the true essence of Library 2.0.  I … Continue reading

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