Let us not forget why we’re here

With all the technological revolutions taking place in Web 2.0 and their potential applications for libraries, the focus can be shifted away from the true essence of Library 2.0.  I recently wrote about Meredith Farkas’s talk from the video ‘Building Academic Library 2.0′ in which she discusses what libraries need to be doing to keep up with changes in user’s needs and how to reach potential new users in the 2.0 environment.  In my post however, I was remiss to have not payed more attention to her underlying message about Library 2.0 being more about attitude than technology, but it seems many more missed the point entirely.  In a blog post made by Farkas only a few months after the video had been uploaded to YouTube, she expresses her dismay at how so many had gotten the wrong idea about Library 2.0, becoming dazzled by the tools but failing to listen to client needs.  Libraries exist for clients, and it is important that we don’t lose sight of that in the gold rush for web tools that drives many Library 2.0 strategies.


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