Reasons why libraries should be on social media

Now we’re going to have a look at some of the local libraries in my area.  It was reassuring to discover that all three major libraries have embraced social networking and are using the following tools to meet their goals:

Organisation: Live portal: Live updates: Facebook: Blogging:
Lake Macquarie City Library
Ask a Librarian Several RSS Feeds Library administrated @lakemac_library (Delicious)
Newcastle City Library
Ask a Librarian RSS Feed Shared with Council ‘The Book Crowd’ (Blogger)
Newcastle University Library
Ask a Librarian Twitter & RSS Feed Library administrated Shared with University (WordPress)

It is important for libraries to offer interaction via social networking as users now expect it.  Without providing these services, these library’s users would need to rely on outmoded technologies such as direct telephone calls or email to gather information, which can be delayed and or time consuming depending on demand.  Each of these libraries have employed a variety of methods to achieve this by providing ‘Ask a Librarian’ portals and interactivity via Facebook.

The visual active online presence of these libraries provides users with assurance of the organisation’s professionalism and competency in meeting their information needs in a technological age by demonstrating mastery of digital technologies and current social networking trends.

New users are more likely to discover and become involved with a library’s activities while searching for information online if that library uses a wide scope of online tools that will promote the activities, services and interests of its library community.  The blogs these libraries are using allow room for personality and editorial style comment that often encourages interaction with room for members of a community to get involved by voicing an opinion or offering a suggestion.


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